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Happy Client Reviews

Charli & Jacki

Charli & Jacki

Working Cocker Spaniel

"When we first got Charli at 8 weeks old, I looked into finding a dog trainer. As our first dog in the family, I wanted to make sure I was offering the best environment and life for Charli.

A friend recommended Steph, who has been incredible from the start, asking me what I would like to cover and giving me guidance on area’s I was unsure about. We have covered so many topics and Steph has included some fun tricks and sessions for Charli too. She has been incredible in including the kids in the training sessions when they were around.

Charli is still young at 5 months old and we train on a daily basis, not only for obedience and learning but also for mental stimulation and fun. He is alert, giving us eye contact when out on walks, eager to recall, and waits beautifully.

Thank you Steph for helping to create a solid foundation for us to continue building on with Charli. We look forward to more sessions with you in the future!"

Bear & Karen

Bear & Karen

Chow Chow

"I honestly can't thank Steph Ranson enough. she helped me train my chow chow 'bear', who was a nightmare to walk and seriously stubborn. She was calm and patient and her ability to adapt her training to suit my fur baby was amazing. He is not only walking loose lead but does many more commands and tricks on request. His socialisation was interrupted due to operations when a small pup but a walk or two with Steph and he was soon feeling much less over excited around other dogs. Despite having many dogs and going to puppy classes before, I cannot believe how much I got out of one to one sessions. I cannot recommend her enough. Thank you, Steph for holding our hand and paw!"

Annie & Jackie
Annie 2.jpg

Annie & Jackie

Rescue- Mixed Breed

"We have Annie a 7+ year-old rescue mix breed dog from Serbia. Annie sadly spent the first 5years of her life in Serbian kennels, which were not of the standard they now are. Annie as a black dog, was rejected for adoption by many, is extremely nervous and scared, does not bark as it draws attention to herself, rarely makes eye contact, and is unsure how to show love or play. Steph has recognised these traits in Annie and began by encouraging us to visit the vet recommending medication as the first step. Annie is still nervous but is growing in confidence, the medication calming her nerves. Steph has thought us how to approach Annie without causing her stress, seeing what signs and reactions to look for and the best way of dealing with them if they occur. Steph suggested trying simple tasks to get Annie interested in activities through treats and rewards, Annie now uses her snuffle mat and enjoys this. When we are out and about the rewards, trick continues and Annie has begun to experience new situations calmly, even relaxing and laying down. Steph has also taught us ways in which to encourage Annie to integrate with, and in play with other dogs and gradually people. Having a very nervous dog is very emotional and Steph has pointed out the traits to work on and encourage for both Annie and us. As suggested by Steph, we have designated safe places for Annie to which visitors to the home are aware of and they respect. Each step has been little and slow, some have worked well whilst others not so. We are grateful for Steph’s input and continued support and advice with Annie. She is knowledgable, professional and confident within her approach. Thank you Steph."


Teddy & Beth

Cocker Spaniel

"We had 5 x 1 hour sessions with Steph to help us start our training with our Puppy Cocker spaniel.

Steph was absolutely great throughout every session and is so knowledgeable! No matter how silly our questions were, she would answer every single one clearly for us.

She has massively helped us gain confidence with Teddy and set some ground rules in place, which I have no doubt will help us forever.

I honestly couldn’t recommend Steph enough!!"

Teddy & Beth
Taeg & Sunny
taeg review .jpg

Taeg & Sunny

Welsh Sheep Dog X Welsh Fox Hound

"Steph is absolutely amazing! After one session with Steph our dog was much

calmer on walks, was calmer when the doorbell rang and is an overall happier dog having worked with Steph! We continue to use Steph, she is a true dog whisperer!"


Cody & Ellie

King Charles Spaniel

"I would recommend inquisitiv pets to anyone with a puppy or dog!

From the day I brought my puppy home I was able to message steph on advice on what I wanted my puppy to learn and what ways work best.

Steph was able to give me a lot detailed explanations on how to teach my puppy, she has helped me teach my puppy many tricks and manners. E.g. toilet training, fetch, roll over, how to settle in busy places and much more!

I was very nervous of letting my puppy off lead when at the park or forest but after an hours session of 1-1 in the forest with Steph and her amazing rescue dog stevie I had him running back and following me around the forest, she was able to get rid of my anxiety of letting him off and giving us a good bond and trust.

She is also helping me with Cody and his separation anxiety which we are in the process of!

Thank you for your help!"

Cody & Ellie

Willow & Karina


"Steph has been invaluable, I can’t recommend her enough. She is so lovely and so knowledgeable. She offers so much more than just training, her help and advice has been second to none.

Thank you Steph!"


Nala & Clare


"We have just had our last puppy training class with Steph and I can’t thank her enough. Our puppy Nala has got so much out of the five sessions as have we. I would definitely recommend Inquisitiv Pets to anyone! Thank you for everything Steph you have been so helpful."

Luna Lab.jpg

Luna & Kirsty


"I would totally recommend Steph's training at Inquisitiv Pets. We have recently completed the puppy package with our puppy Luna. This course offered all I hoped for and more. It was well worth the investment! Steph provided comprehensive information related to puppy training (with invaluable written notes following each training session), and also regarding wider doggie issues. Steph's training has not only provided us with important knowledge but also instilled confidence in me when it was wavering! I cannot thank Steph enough!"


Dottie & Tracey


"We have just finished the "puppy package" training with Steph and I have to say it is the best thing we could have done. As first-time puppy/dog owners I really wanted to get it right and Steph's advice and training have been invaluable and really comprehensive. It was so worth the investment. We finished with some fun trick training today in the garden and I will definitely be on the lookout for future training sessions and ideas that Steph may be offering. She really is brilliant and has helped us put secure foundations in and helped us provide the right environment to bring up a confident, secure and happy pup! Thank you, Steph, from all of us, especially Dottie! x

ps...Dottie says she also loves Steph's 100% natural treats - they are very tasty!"

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